• Our Office: 393 Wharncliffe Road South, London, Ontario N6J 2M3, (519) 672-0998, info@oldsouthoptometry.com

  • We ask our new clients to fill out a patient information form for their first visit. This  tells your eye doctor about about your past eye health and medical health history.   For example a history of diabetes or high blood pressure may put you at risk of certain eye problems.  A history of eye injury, contact lens use or other eye issue helps direct your doctor's examination.  We would also like to know about your job and hobbies to better advise you on proper eye wear and eye protection.  Finally, understanding any current vision concerns makes sure we can help you better.  You can save time by completing this health information before you come for your visit. Please be sure to bring it with you so your doctor has this important information at the time of your visit.

    Download Patient History Form