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    Family with computer education

    Becoming better informed is something very positive you can do for your vision!  The staff at Old South Optometry are happy to provide our patients with the information they need to understand their eye health.   There are also many trusted on-line sources of information through our professional associations and eye care partners across Canada and the United States.  For more education about eye health visit the Eye Health Library at Doctors of Optometry Canada (select Eye Health Library at the top banner on the site).  You will find information on a wide range of eye conditions and can learn more about the ways in which your eye doctor can work with you to ensure your vision is the best it can be!   Additional education materials can be found through the links to the Ontario Association of Optometrists, the Canadian Association of Optometrists, the National Eye Institute, the The Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) and the American Optometric Association.   At Old South Optometry we want you to be well informed about your "Your Eyes. Your Life."