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    • Eyeglasses

      At Old South Optometry we have a wide range of eyeglasses and sunglasses!

      All eyewear is not created equal!  Getting a "bargain" price does not necessarily mean you are receiving a good value. Unlike many retail vision chains and optical stores, your optometrist is not limited to specific manufacturers in the products they offer.  Old South Optometry provides a vast selection of eyeglasses fit your lifestyle.

      We have our own in-house lens edging equipment to ensure we can efficiently deliver a high quality eyeglass product.   We also work with trusted outside spectacle labs for specialized products.

      The first step is a comprehensive eye exam by your optometrist.  The doctor will ask you about your work and hobbies as part of the exam to better understand your needs.   As part of the exam your doctor will determine your eyeglass prescription. 

      With this knowledge, our friendly and knowledgeable staff work with you to find the frames that suit you best and help with ordering the glasses.  You only receive the full benefit of your prescription if your glasses are properly fitted.  Once your new glasses are ready, our skilled optometric dispensing team will check and adjust your eyeglasses to get that perfect fit!

      Exclusive Old South Optometry Eyeglass Warranty

      • Two year warranty on frame (manufacturer's defect)
      • Limited* two year warranty on lenses
      • Case and cleaning cloth included
      • Adjustments and minor repairs included

      * Replacement of one same prescription lens per eye for vision impairing scratches with purchase of TD2, Crizal Forte or equivalent coating with scratch resistance

      Caring For Your Glasses


      • Clean your glasses regularly with warm water and a mild liquid soap or lens cleaner. Pat the lens dry with a clean cloth.
      • Keep your glasses in your eyeglass case when not in use.
      • Put on and remove your glasses using two hands to maintain proper frame alignment.


      • Do not set your glasses down lens first.
      • Do not use hairspray or perfume mist around your eyewear.
      • Do not clean your glasses with facial tissues (the coarse fibers can damage coated lenses).
      • Do not use ammonia based cleaners (e.g. Windex) as they may strip the lens coating.