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    • Technology

    • At Old South Optometry, we use advanced technology to assess the health of your eyes and provide our doctors with the comprehensive information required to provide optimal care for "Your Eyes. Your Life."

      An auto refractor uses advanced optics to provide a separate check of any changes in your vision that require eyeglasses or contact lenses to improve.   This independent check is combined with the comprehensive examination that your doctor performs and ensures an efficient and accurate prescription.

      The cornea forms the front of the eyeball and changes to the cornea can affect your vision and can also reflect underlying eye health conditions.   Our automated Keratometer and Pachymeter measures the shape and thickness of the cornea in a “no-touch” fashion, providing valuable information regarding corneal health to your doctors.

      The eyeball is a fluid filled structure and high fluid pressure in the eye may result in glaucoma.  Glaucoma is a disease that can cause a gradual loss in vision.  Measurement of the pressure of the eye is a key tool for finding glaucoma early and monitoring treatment.   Our non-contact tonometer uses a “no-touch” method that measures eye pressure with a gentle puff of air for maximum comfort.

      Your retina is the “film” on which your vision is captured and is crucial to your vision.  Digital retinal photography provides a detailed objective view of the retina and optic nerve, and allows screening for changes due to conditions such as high blood pressure, glaucoma or diabetes.   By providing a permanent record of your retina, digital retinal photography is very helpful for monitoring retinal health as it allows your doctor to detect any changes in retinal appearance over time.

      OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)
      The latest in diagnostic technology, OCT provides amazing detail of the internal structure of the eye.   OCT adds to retinal photography and visual retinal examination by your eye doctor by giving detailed information about the inside of the retina and optic nerve.  

      Your eyes need to work properly across a full range of vision, from the centre out to the edges (periphery) of your field of view.  Our automated visual field analyzer provides a complete report of your vision across the full range of vision and can help detect early changes to the optic nerve and retina from health problems like diabetes and glaucoma.